Carole Mullins Internationally Known Speaker, Non-Denominational Minister, Author, Life Purpose Coach


Carole Mullins

A Popular, Internationally-Known Speaker, Minister, Author, Workshop/Retreat/Seminar Facilitator and Life Purpose Coach.


Carole is available to serve your congregation or organization when you have a call for a dynamic guest speaker for:


Carole Mullins Sunday or Mid-Week Services
Carole Mullins Insightful, Inspiring, & Entertaining Workshops and Retreats for Women or Church Boards
Carole Mullins Ministerial Vacation Replacement
Carole Mullins Interim Ministry Services


Carole’s ministry consists of presentations that are wonderfully diverse, inspiring, encouraging, entertaining, clearly demonstrate how she uses Spiritual Principles to overcome the challenges of life to uplift, and inspire! She is a committed and open space for God’s expression. Her energy “turns up the spiritual wattage” of her audiences and they are inspired, uplifted, enlightened, encouraged and fulfilled.  Carole shares inspiring, heart-tugging stories, from pages of her own life, demonstrating how to be a victor, not a victim over life’s challenges.



Carole Mullins


Now is the time…this is the day to begin to live your lives… fully! Carole’s presentations cover a very wide and diverse range of speaking topics.


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